You Already Have It

You already have it.

I recently received this message. I was deep in sleep. It came to me literally as part of a dream, but it buzzed like electricity through my body, such that it actually woke me up from my deep slumber. The message was “you already have it.”

I was very moved and inspired. And I felt that the message truly came from somewhere wonderful from some entity that is wonderful. And it was incredibly assuring to hear so decidedly, “you already have it.”

I acknowledge that this phrase is up for interpretation. I am leaving that channel open even as I receive the message to allow for whatever meaning needs to be applied to go in association with that phrase.

I’m sharing this with you because I feel like it’s reverberating, that electrical charge that I felt in my body when I received that message while asleep–that woke me up–is here for you, as well.

You already have it.

What do you already have? You probably already have the life experience. You need to make the decisions and take the actions that you’ve been churning on for a long while. You already have the joy, the contentment, the abundance that you might think you need to seek beyond and outside of yourself; you already have it. You already have the answers to pursue that thing, to go for that goal, or to choose not to go for certain things because you already have it.

I’m not sure what “you already have it” means for me today or what it will mean tomorrow. I’m not sure what “you already have it” means for you now or in the future. But I am assured, I feel confident that you and I–we–already have it and that it can be found by looking within.

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