Worth Is a Measure You Must Decide

Worth is a measurement of time, money, and resources that you must determine for yourself.

Is it worth it? What’s it worth?

Life is really just a collection of decisions we make about whether activities, ventures, objects, or relationships are worth our time, money, or resources.

We measure worth based on something’s value in terms of money, meaningfulness, or potential outcome. Then, we decide and take action accordingly.

What you decide to be ‘worth it’ may be worlds apart from what I find ‘worth it.’

I’m reminded of this each time I watch “Antiques Roadshow” to see an expert declare an old item has astronomical worth. Though I wouldn’t pay a penny for the antique thing, a seasoned collector would get into a bidding war for it.

Of course, stakes are even higher when determining the worth of things that require precious time, effort, and resources.

One skill I’ve honed as a business owner is the ability to determine if a potential new client is worth it. I weigh the necessary effort to service the client against the monetary reward to decide if I’m in or out. Ironically, the client must understand my worth in order for her business to be worth it for me.

I have my dad’s old, yellowed luggage tag that I keep in a special place so I see it every day. Anybody else would say it’s not worth anything and toss it. To me, that withered tag is a treasured reminder of my dad’s distinct handwriting. Each year since he died in 1998, that tag is worth more and more to me.

Here’s a truth: The more clear I am about what I value, the better I am at determining whether something is worth my time, effort, money, attention, or resources.

Is it worth it? What’s it worth? When I look to my core values to find the answers, I can take action confidently.


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