When You Know You NO

Though the world is replete with quotables on the power of saying no, I felt led to chime in with my take today.

In full confession, I ‘felt led’ because I need the firsthand reminder. Recently, I feigned another YES when a NO was obviously the best response. As I now deal with the fallout, I hope the “say NO” lesson might stick more permanently if I say it to myself in my own, hard-earned words.

“When you know, you ‘NO’.”
Irene Williams

I know when something should be a NO. How do I know?

→ My body speaks.
The gut instinct fires. My breath, blinks, and body temperature indicate the intuition’s message. It’s an amazing physiological machination to guide me.

→ My life experience speaks.
Implicit memory awakens. I recall past experiences to inform the current moment. Primal and highly evolved brain functions work together to intelligently interpret the facts.

→ My desires speak.
This is only as clear as my honesty about and devotion to what is most true to me. When that clarity is there, the correct answer may as well be tattooed on my forehead.

→ The Holy Spirit leads.
I’m thankful my body, brain, and uniquely wired desires help me identify the directional signs graciously placed on my path. Those signs point me to both opportunity and protection; what a gift!

Oh, may the things that cause me to override all those inputs that guide me in truth fade! May I be done—really D O N E—with
– Other people’s expectations
– Cultural and societal scripts
– Limiting fears and second-guessing

Let my NO be NO…because I know.


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