What Will You Paint on the Blank Canvas?

—video transcript—

We often hear people say the world is not fair. And I think that’s correct, but I also don’t think the world is unfair. I find it very useful in many, many circumstances to neutralize situations, to get to a place where the emotion is not present so that I can make an intelligent decision about how I want to feel about things.

That’s actually an amazing human – uniquely human – superpower: the ability to face a situation, hit pause, and then choose how to respond versus having to instinctively react. So when we hear that the world isn’t fair, I also acknowledge that it’s not unfair. I choose to think of the world as a blank canvas on which I can paint. I can create. I can tell the story that I choose to. So if a negative circumstance arises or what we would typically perceive as a positive circumstance arises, I can pause and choose to interpret and make what I choose to out of that situation.

Henceforth, I am going to be cognizant of that phrase that so many of us often say. The world is not fair, but it’s also not unfair. I’m gonna choose to ixnay that terminology. I don’t say it a lot personally, but I’m gonna be aware of it and choose not to say it in the future because I find great value and helpfulness in seeing the world as that beautiful blank canvas, where I get to decide the story I’m gonna tell, the beauty I’m gonna create. Or, if there is truly sadness or tragedy or hardship, I still get to choose what that means in my life. And even what we may all consider to be bad happens, I can interpret and translate that into something of hopefulness and value and learning and growing my life.

So yeah, the world is not fair. It is not unfair. We humans, with our beautifully evolved brains, get to make the decision, how we see and perceive, and then proceed in every circumstance.

Thanks for being here, guys!

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