What to Expect When Your Self Executive Is In Charge

—video transcript—
I’ve recently shared some truths about how you can use your self executive or what I like to call your COE “Chief of Everything” to take the lead in your life, ultimately so much that it becomes your default setting to lead the rest of you—what I call your mental support staff—to go further in life. I’ve also shared the idea that it’s very important to approach life by questioning everything with curiosity, not with skepticism, but with curiosity. When you question things with curiosity, you actually activate that COE Chief of Everything of who you are to take the lead. The support staff of you, that automatic/autonomic stuff that just happens is just going to run on autopilot to protect you and keep you comfortable and help you avoid things that it perceives as threats. But when you question with curiosity, you bring your self executive to the forefront to really assess and analyze intelligently the things you’re dealing with.

My point to you today is that when you make this your default setting, things will actually sometimes become more challenging, and I want you to be prepared for that.

The great news is with that Chief of Everything in charge, actually serving in that chief role, you’re going to innately start to declutter your life. You’re going to find things that had kept you in the spin cycle to be non-factors going forward. That’s an amazing thing that happens over time. Once you start to use this self executive as your default, you don’t have time, space, interest, or desire to keep spinning on issues that had limited you in the past. That means you have more mental capacity to explore things that are more meaningful and challenging and interesting–and sometimes, unsettling, frankly, because there are big issues in this world and sometimes in your life.

And those spin cycles that you’ve been in were those parts of you actually trying to protect you. But the better approach is to actually face them and move through them to your next chapters.

Now, I wanted to make that point because just this very morning, I was…because I have digitally decluttered my life, I have made space in my mind and my time to receive and be intelligent about important things, things that are important to me and things that are important to our world and to our society. So, I’ve received some information that really challenges me as a human being, frankly. We’ve got a lot of things going on in this world. And though I am not always a proponent of taking in a lot of news because it can be salacious and mentally taxing, I do think it’s very valuable to stay apprised of what’s going on in the world in a way that you can manage and process to help you and to help the other people in your life.

And I’ve actually done a blogcast about that in the recent past—about how to consume the news so it doesn’t consume you. So, as I faced these latest headlines and some information that I’ve been able to find, again, because I have more time and mental energy, I’m able to seek out sources that are more measured, less salacious, and perhaps more comprehensive in their approach to presenting facts. And it made me realize: “wow, I am going to have some tough choices to make as a person about how I want to deal with some of these issues that are facing us in our world in the coming days.”

But you know what? I welcome those challenges. I would rather be intelligently aware with my self executive at the forefront, than back in the pack on autopilot, almost blind to the important issues that the world is facing and just merely receiving and accepting the headlines that are presented to me through typical sources.

So as you join me on this journey, and I hope that you are ’cause it is a great journey, I want you to be aware that there will be challenging chapters, challenging in more deep and meaningful ways than perhaps you’ve experienced before.

But the good news in all of this is that, first of all, you will come to those places because you, the executive you, is leading, and you will be able to then lead others in how to receive information and then intelligently, thoughtfully respond to it. When we are on that autopilot mode, we’re back in the mix in the masses and we are not necessarily helping guide others who need the essential, emotional leadership and capacity that we can bring to the table. And actually by doing so, we then help others to also move forward, to become their own self executives.

At the end of the day, I want to live in a world where more people are in that place, in that emotionally intelligent, measured, thoughtful place in their lives to think fully and understand with complete comprehension and not just accept a headline and take on fear-based and take action based on that very undue emotion. I want to live in a world where we’re all together and thinking and being the best that we can be.

I always want to acknowledge that no matter where you are in life, you are worthy and you are amazing and wonderful. But we all have in us that desire to move forward. Sometimes when you’re in a dark place and you feel like you’re not moving, you’re compounding your darkness because in your deepest self, you do want more. You want to create, you want to proceed. But even if you’re not there yet, you’re amazing and wonderful and you’re worthy, but it gets really good and fun when you make the breakthroughs.

So much of the content that I bring you is very practical. Tactical. It’s helping you declutter aspects of your life.

It’s helping you get past all your digital disorganization drama. It’s helping you lose the pounds that consume your brain every time you’re standing in the closet, trying to figure out what to wear or wasting time beating yourself up because you didn’t lose the pounds you wanted to. That is all clutter in your life. Your mindset issues that keep you spinning that self judgment that never helps you move forward. So I start with the practical tactical, because if you can use the right amazing human tactics that our brains and our bodies can provide us. If we just tap into it, if we can use all that to conquer that clutter. We’ve developed the life skills to then move on to bigger and better things.

There’s always the next level. So clearing out the space where you are now frees you up and gives you time to go forward. So that’s why I start you there.

Then I want to hang together so that we can keep growing from there.

So just be ready, big stuff, wonderful stuff, challenging stuff is ahead, but this world needs every bit of you to be present and ready for it. And most of all, you need you to be present and ready for it.

I’m so grateful for your precious time and for hearing me out. I hope it brings you tons of value. Just know I’m extremely appreciative.

Thanks for being here, guys.

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