The Life Audit – An Honest Review of YOU

—video transcript—
Hey there. I have a new idea I want to share with you. It’s called the Life Audit. Yes. The Life Audit. What is a Life Audit? It’s an opportunity that you evoke to review your own life in all aspects.

And I call it an audit because a lot of times we think of a third party being involved in an audit. And I really want you to kind of take that approach as you do a life audit. I want you to invite your self-executive. You should always invite your self-executive to be in charge, but I really want you the most intelligent part of you to be in the lead as you review literally every aspect of your life that makes up your day-to-day. Why do we need to do this?

It’s so easy⏤it is so easy to go on autopilot and just continue with the flow of the status quo and not question things, question things with curiosity and intelligence to make sure we’re on the right path going where we truly want to go…not just along for the ride.

You, the self-executive, needs to be in charge of this audit because you’re about…you, the self-executive…are about 3% of your overall human functioning. That means 97% of you is what I call the support staff, the stuff that’s just running on automatic and autonomic functioning that just keeps you alive and keeps you on track. I have many other blogcasts where I’m teaching you how to activate your COE, “Chief of Everything,” your self-executive to lead the 97% support staff. But in this instance, as you do a life audit, it’s very important that you, the intelligent leader, you come to the forefront and absolutely steer the ship where it needs to go in terms of analyzing and being truthful about where things are in your life.

The life audit can look at big things such as are we good with where we live? Is our house in good order? Do we need any renovations? Do we really want to move somewhere else? Is all well with our physical space and circumstances? And even literally geographically where you live, give it an honest think.

It can certainly be related to your career path and it should. Are you on autopilot with your business, with your job, with your relationship with your employer, with your relationship with your team members that you have hired? How do things stand? Let’s give it a review.

It can be with your personal relationships. Are you staying in friendships that don’t serve you, but they’re just familiar and easy? How are things with your partner in life?

Certainly, this doesn’t have to mean you’re making dramatic changes, but it’s wise to peel back the layers, be very honest, and just really assess where things stand and if they align with the hopes and goals that you have for yourself going forward.

This came to mind…it’s come to mind many times for me…but it really came to mind because of a day-to-day experience that happened for me. I was in a situation where something presented itself and because I was kind of on autopilot and not questioning a lot of things ,I wasn’t awake in the moment to really hit pause and go, “hey, what just happened here?”. And few months into the process, I realized that I had not taken audit. I had not taken a review of the thing that occurred in the moment, in the day-to-day. And it reminded me the importance not only of staying awake in the day-to-day and questioning as things are happening so that they all support where I really want to head with my life, but to hit pause and do that in a bigger sense for life in its totality.

There are many things in my life that are steady, very stable, that don’t incur dramatic changes on a regular basis. And if I take an audit and am honest and look at those things that haven’t changed, I often see that they haven’t changed because I chose well; I picked the right thing and there is no need to make an alteration. It just works, and it makes sense. However, when I audit and I’m honest about where things stand, it can jar me. It can help me stay awake or become more awake. And it puts me in the driver’s seat to make changes.

So… I hope that you’ll join me in this idea of the life audit.
Thanks for being here, guys!

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