The Answer is in the Action

—video transcript—

The answer is in the action. Thinking, pondering, considering, but never doing anything is inertia. There’s no momentum when you are just considering, never setting the intention and then taking the action. The action produces answers because action is informative.

I’ll give you an example from my own life. Back in the day, I pursued songwriting. It was absolutely something I did on the side. I live in a city where it’s known as the songwriting capital of the world. As I’m recording this, my husband is downstairs with a co-writer writing what sounds like a really cool song—o give you an example of how much the world in which I live is focused on songwriting, I’m a writer. I grew up singing and being very active in the music scene of my growing up. So it only made sense that I would try my hand at songwriting.

I wrote a lot. I started recording demos. I played out at this place called The Bluebird Cafe, which is like the major leagues for songwriters, and I had to audition to make it to their writers’ nights. It was a great experience, and I gotta admit, when I was doing all of this and pursuing it, it wasn’t haphazardly. I kind of hoped something might happen with my songwriting, that it might lead to some professional opportunities. But in taking the action, I met people. I got in the loop with these demos that I was doing, and I wrote a song for a client. I used to do all this advertising, PR, social media, marketing stuff, and I wrote a song for a corporate event. Because I already was working with a producer for my demos for my songwriting, I set up an appointment to cut a guitar-vocal demo to present to the client. I walked in the recording studio one afternoon, and this really handsome fella stood up, stuck out his hand. We shook hands, we chatted for a bit, and that person turned out to be my husband. Fast forward to today, I dabble in songwriting still— usually with my husband. And I’m okay , that the pursuit of songwriting stopped there for me…’cause there was some answer in the action that I took. It was all worthwhile.

Another example, my social media — @IreneWilliamsofficial on Instagram…I’m also on LinkedIn and Facebook of course… in this season, at the point that I’m recording this, I don’t get a ton of likes on the things that I post. I know people are seeing what I’m sharing, but it’s not in droves. I’m not collecting the masses. But I can assure you every post that I thoughtfully create—and they are all thoughtful—provides me answers. There is answer in the actions I’m taking regardless of the size of audience At this point, of course, I would be so happy and thrilled that more people saw what I was sharing because I really am seeking to offer useful insights and create value. Things that help me can help you. But the answer is in the action. Every post helps me hone my voice, clarify my message. It all pays off. And as I’ve taken the action and do so consistently, I keep getting informed and guided about how to proceed.

My husband and I last year, again at the time that I’m recording this, it was last year… We were actively looking for property, perhaps a second home. We put in an offer on a house. It was really cool, not far from a lake. It was on six wooded acres. A lot about it was so dreamy. And we didn’t get it. We got outbid and we were only willing to go so far in that bidding process. But guess what? Going through that, taking the action, we learned so much that is guiding us even today, many, many months later. We, first of all, not landing the house/the second home showed me there was an answer: that financially I could step away from my existing digital marketing business and focus on what I’m bringing to you today. I didn’t get locked in financially to a second home, and it really opened up possibilities. And then we, based on the house that we put the offer on, we added to our ‘must have list’ that we are collecting as we look at properties so that, as we pursue the next place or the additional property or home that will come our way one of these days, we have enhanced the list of must-haves, the things that spark us and that we find important.

Everything is information. Every step on the path serves a purpose. Sometimes we just have to wake up to what the purpose is. And between you and me, knowing how our neuroscience, our brain works, we humans are pattern-seeking, meaning-making machines. So we get to decide what the lessons are, what the answers are, what the meanings of situations are based on our collective perspectives and life experiences and the trajectory that we’re creating for ourselves. We can determine what we’re getting out of all the actions we’re taking, but there’s something there in everything.

I invite you to be awake, to stay connected, to keep the channel open, to receive and learn from every action that you’re taking. So—don’t sit on the sidelines, don’t get stuck in the loop of perfectionism. If you are, I can guide you very non-judgmentally through the neuroscience of why we do those things. It’s a form of self-protection usually. It’s usually not procrastination, which can be so judgey. It’s usually our biological imperatives to avoid pain, seek pleasure, and be efficient. But in our modern world where we have options and we’re not living in lack, we can awake and ignite our CO, our prefrontal cortex, our decision-making executive function, and really forge ahead.

The answers are in the action.

Thanks for being here!

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