Talking About Digital Decluttering with ‘My Girlfriends’

It all started with a simple Facebook post. My friend Marcia candidly shared about her extreme social media overwhelm on Facebook, and, in short order, her connections chimed in to concur in the comments. Not only was it so ironic to see so many people lamenting their frustrations on social media on social media, but it also indicated how incredibly relevant and relatable the topic is.

As part of my own strategy to manage social media, I rarely comment on Facebook posts, but I felt led to add my voice to the conversation.

I have a course on digital decluttering. It addresses all aspects of digital life (email, social, phone use, photos, files) and is based on a system I created that literally improved my peacefulness and productivity. I’m adding content to the course on managing virtual meetings in light of recent days. As a digital marketer by trade, I can’t—and don’t want—to abandon social media, so it was essential I get it all in check. My approach gets to the heart (or shall I say the mind) of the matter, so the solutions and changes they lead to are effective for long term and translatable to other areas of life (e.g. – bye forever, extra 25 lbs). If you want any insights, I’m happy to share.

Next thing I knew, Marcia invited me to join her and co-host Lisa on the weekly God and My Girlfriends Facebook Live chat to delve into this topic. Watch the full conversation here.

June 23rd FB LIVE

June 23rd FB Live…. w/Marcia, Lisa and Irene Williams. TOPIC: Navigating social media in a healthy way.BIG THANKS to @Irene Steelman Williams for joining us today and giving us tips for managing our social media as well as helping us understand a little bit more about how our brains process it! Fascinating stuff! You can follow Irene on FB here: Irene WilliamsAnd also on Instagram: Irene WilliamsAlso, for more tips about how to effectively use social media, check out these blogs: again for joining us ladies!Love,Marcia and Lisa

Posted by God and My Girlfriends Ministries on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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