Reasons to Be Thankful On a Busy Day

Today, I’m dealing with some extra work and circumstantial complications. I’m having to pivot from my usual routine and hunker down a little longer on the ol’ laptop to get everything done.

I’m so thankful to face these disruptions (both unexpected and planned) from a healthy place. I can’t predict or control what life’s gonna throw at me, but I am absolutely capable of keeping my slate clear of unnecessary, avoidable, self-imposed stuff that would make days like this so much harder to muddle through.

  • I’m thankful to be digitally organized so I can keep biz flowing even when I’m running around checking on the painter and brick mason.
  • I’m thankful that all my clothes fit. It made my morning more simple to go in the closet and pick an outfit I want to wear for my busy day of Zoom meetings.
  • I’m thankful to have zero temptation to snack or alter what I prefer to eat just because my schedule is off-kilter.
  • I’m thankful our house is in order so I didn’t have to rush to clear space for the painter to do his job.
  • I’m thankful (frankly, I’m THRILLED) that I will still make time to work on my new ventures regardless of a choppy, busier-than-normal day.

As manifestation of my thankfulness, I’m here to help you clear out the unnecessary clutter, too. I want you to be able to face disruptions and hard times without the burden of avoidable, extra complications.

Life will always come with challenges, but we can come to any moment from a position of strength and nonnegotiable peacefulness.

Hang with me! I’m honored to share the lasting and surprisingly simple approaches that’ll make all the difference.


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