Reach for Stars, Not Ceilings

As inspirational as “Reach for stars, not ceilings” may sound, it’s really just smart business.

It’s abundantly practical to focus on and invest in ventures, career paths, and opportunities that reduce/eliminate limitations or come with none to begin with.

Examples of reaching for stars not ceilings:
– Choosing the job with flexible hours so you have time to pursue your long term goal
– Taking the career position with the company that pays for advanced education
– Asking for salaries/raises/fees that exceed your comfort level
– Launching the biz concept that your research proved has growth potential
– Building your biz as if you’re going to sell it one day (though you may intend to keep it forever)
– Investing in personal and professional development—no chintzing on courses, books, conferences, training, workouts that improve YOU
– Seeking quality relationships with people who not only support you but compel you to keep growing

Is that a ceiling you’re touching right now? Good news: It’s easier to chip away and eventually demo that whole thing when it’s in close range.

Got a really high ceiling above you? Assemble your proverbial toolbox. You’re gonna use your growing strength and savvy to build your own exit ramp.

Insider tip:
Keep looking up all along the way! You don’t want to miss the moment your view changes from ceiling to stars. It’s magical.


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