Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

After nearly 11 years as a business owner, I know the most valuable lessons I’ve gained are really about leading myself well—more than leading a successful company.

This is true in big and small ways. Here’s an example. >>>

Clients often come to my team to be seen and heard on social and traditional media. Back in the day, it was “I want to be on Oprah,” and these days, it’s “I want to go viral.”

Rather than immediately cranking up the publicity machine, we guide clients to listen to their customers first—really listen to understand and empathize. We help clients earn their places in their customers’ conversations.

Businesses that only blow their own trumpets may sell some stuff, but they won’t last. Businesses that listen and are authentically part of customer communities are poised for measurable long-term success.

Now—take that biz concept and apply it to your personal life!

⭐️ Quick to Listen — Slow to Speak ⭐️

There are so many benefits in being quick to listen and slow to speak with family and friends.

In a world where everybody and their second cousins are Insta-Reeling, Snapping-and-Chatting, and Tikking-and-Tokking to be heard, there’s wisdom in being the one judiciously listening and speaking in due time.

When we’re quick to listen, slow to speak…
We learn and empathize.
We respond thoughtfully instead of reacting hastily.
We have time to see how dots connect.
We discern others’ subtext.
We participate meaningfully and contribute quality to the conversations.
We are more likely to be heard by those we first took time to hear.

(Read that last statement again. It’s powerful.)

I waited a few years before sharing the content I’m creating. I’ve listened a long time to be sure what I speak is worthwhile, of high quality, and fully substantiated through proven experience and science.

Thank you so much for being here!

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