Question Everything with Curiosity

Just because…
I read it on Wikipedia. A friend told me so. My parents said. Lots of people retweeted it. An organization I respect names it as a tenet. I’ve believed it long time.
…Doesn’t mean it’s real right, best, or true.

That’s why I like to question everything with curiosity, including questioning myself.

And “with curiosity” is key. The most helpful questions come from a place of curiosity, not skepticism.

When I’m curious, I’m ready to learn and gain understanding. I’m open to new and different perspectives or outright surprises. When I’m questioning skeptically, I’m usually just seeking evidence to support the verdict I’ve already decided.

So how do I stay curious even when questioning big deal things that will require discernment and thoughtful action? I have two resources for you that can help hard-wire approaches into the operating system of your life to become and stay curious.

The first one is a free download here on my website. Go to the homepage. There’s a button, easy breezy type in your name and email address. You get this audio quick, listen right away. It’s called Three Steps to Move Forward. This free tool is downloadable right now gives you so much jam packed insight in a quick listen that truly can integrate into the operating system of your life and change everything.

Then I put a blogcast here on my website,, that I would love for you to partake of. It’s called How I Stopped Judging Myself. It’s a very fundamental, quick read blog blogcast, There’s the video you can watch or you can just read the text in which I share the ways I successfully stopped judging myself. And by stopping the judgment of myself, I actually ask more of myself in a healthy way.

Between these two tools that I offer you, there are so many useful practical, tactical nuggets that you can use foundationally to move forward in your life.

So as you’re questioning your day-to-day operations, how things are going, maybe what you want and expect for your life. I invite you to ask with curiosity, not skepticism, so that you’re open to learn. And if you’re curious about these things that I have to offer you, I invite you to dig in throughout this website.

I have thoughtfully curated this information. It comes from tons of life experience, but also a lot of intelligence. I’m a student of neuroscience and our nervous systems. I’m a student of life coaching. I’m a student of business because I’m a business owner and have been so for 10 years independent out on my own. I’ve learned a lot in my five plus decades walking this earth. I’ve culminated all this information into digestible, simple to process and receive information that can really help you.

It would be my honor for you to experience it and hopefully benefit from it. That’s why I created it.



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