Let’s Talk Decluttering

Long ago, I learned that I need my space to be uncluttered if I’m really going to get any work done. Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard all the spiel about how brilliant minds work better amidst the chaos⏤that a messy desk is a reflection of creativity. To that, I say BAH-HUMBUG. I’m living proof that order around me makes room for creativity to flow from me.

Back in college, I wrote a paper entitled “The Desk Is Cleared” that explored the correlation between literally getting my desk in order to my ability to think, focus, and produce new things. My professor loved that piece. Makes me wonder if he could relate. Fast forward to when I started working from home 20 years ago (side note: how is it chronologically possible that I’m old enough to have done anything for 20 years? Time flies, y’all!) and became even more attuned to my need for a well-ordered environment. With my office located in the same place I lived my everyday life, I truly required things to stay cleaned out and straightened up. Considering the plot twist of this year that has so many people setting up home offices, I’m betting there are many more of you now on Team Clean Up and Clean Out these days.

Please note, I’m not talking minimalism, here; being well-ordered doesn’t have to equal blank, empty spaces. I am talking freedom from clutter. Let’s be real: too much or stacked and jumbled stuff is the physical manifestation of being hurried, indecisive, mentally overloaded. To this day, if my space gets cluttered, I know I’m on the edge of being too busy or distracted, and I absolutely hit pause to deal with the stuff as means of getting on track and making room for what I need and want to focus on. I always answer my urge to purge.

Mind you, this message of being uncluttered and answering the urge to purge is coming to you from someone who was not born with a propensity to stay organized. Growing up, I wasn’t an all-out Pig Pen, but I wasn’t tidy by nature, either. I was prone to stack, toss, collect, and delay cleaning, folding, and hanging. I’d put off these tasks and then find myself completely overwhelmed. It took real life experiences…growing up a bit…to fully embrace the beauty of managing things as I am going, without delay, rather than letting stuff accumulate and swallow me whole. Once you truly conquer the stack, you never go back! It’s freedom!

The coolest thing, you guys? Decluttering applies to so many areas of life. As big a fan as I am of keeping my physical space in order because of the amazing benefits, it took me a surprisingly long while to realize the same concepts apply to my digital life. My weight loss journey. My daily productivity. My mind!

This is why I often say I’m here to help you cut through the clutter, reach your potential, and get to the good stuff in life. “The clutter” is a catch-all term…not just the actual stuff in your house. The clutter that’s blocking you could be digital files and too much social media. It could be your weight struggle. It could be your finances. It could be your own messy, disorganized thoughts. If my mention of any kind of clutter is resonating with you, it’s time to answer the URGE to PURGE!

My approach to all the decluttering is really unique. I’m not about tactics and attempts to change habits. I know that I know that I know that real, permanent change happens when the mind gets to the heart of the matter. We can literally engage and evolve our brains to create and establish new ways…and because our brains are so dang amazing, it’s shockingly simple to cross over to new, better chapters for our lives.

Intrigued? Ready to break free from the literal or figurative piles of clutter in your life? Pretty please consider my free audio quick-course that I created for you. I promise the concepts I share…in very orderly fashion…can help you stop struggling with the same stuff over and over and move forward! It’s my gift to you! Just click here and let’s go!

Can’t want to see what you conquer from here…


A quote for related inspiration:
The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”
– Henry David Thoreau



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