Let Gratitude Propel You Forward (pt 1)

Mr. Prak is still extremely grateful for the very, very cold shower he took upon arrival in the United States. After escaping years of oppression by the Khmer Rouge in his native Cambodia, he was fortunate to not only get out, but to have survived at all. He lost many family and friends to genocide and starvation.

That initial shower was very cold because Mr. Prak wasn’t familiar with bath fixtures in the United States. He turned the knob at right and got cold yet clean water and, not knowing the other knob would’ve provided hot water, he proceeded to take his shower. Nonetheless, what an amazing cleansing experience for him!

When I met him, Mr. Prak’s gratefulness for that cold cleansing was big and bright and shiny and new, even after more than 30 years at the point that I met him. Of course, Mr. Prak didn’t continue taking cold showers just because he had been deprived of any showers at all for so many years. He had spent years in squalor and rejoiced to have cold water that first night in the United States. But ,of course, he came to appreciate nice and hot showers like most of us enjoy.

My point in sharing this is not only because it’s an incredible story, but it’s a reminder to us all. Don’t hold yourself back from growing and going for what’s next out of devotion and appreciation of where you are now or where you’ve come from to achieve what you have now. Your gratefulness for all that you’ve attained thus far is genuine. It will grow and go with you.

Would we have expected Mr. Prak to just be thankful and keep using only cold water for his showers? Never, ever. So why are you staying put sure that current job? It is a blessing and perhaps you really do want to stay right there, but be open! Question yourself with curiosity. That next opportunity could be the one that takes you to a level you never imagined. Don’t miss it by thinking you should just be glad for what you have now.

Let your gratitude propel you forward.

life coach Irene Williams talks about gratitude to propel you forward

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