Is What I Teach Quite Simple? Oh, Yes.

—video transcript—

After I recently gave a talk on decluttering your digital life—it’s basically a 45-minute masterclass that I can bring to groups—and I hope you’ll hire me to do that!—I got feedback from an audience member who shared that she was surprised how simple the tips were that I shared in the talk.

First of all, as a presenter and a business owner, the tips I share in a masterclass talk such as that are going to be top-line simple because there’s just too much beyond that to cover in such a short session. So that’s a given. But she seemed a little disappointed at the simplicity of what I was sharing, and I wanted to make plain that she was absolutely correct. The tips that I share out of the gate when anyone is truly overwhelmed with their digital, social, mobile clutter, these tips are very simple because guess what? Simple is usually the best solution.

Most people will expect to hear complicated when it comes to anything related to technology. When the reality is the simple solutions, when applied consistently, will get you to a point of being decluttered and amazingly organized in the long-term.

Behind the simple solutions that I present, not only in a masterclass talk, but that are the core of what I teach in my modules about how to become decluttered and fully organized in your digital, social, mobile life, they’re backed by neuroscience that isn’t necessarily that simple.

There’s a lot going on in our brains and our nervous systems that proceed and happen during points of overwhelm and clutter. So as I’m teaching these somewhat simple tactics to address the issues, I’m doing so with deep knowledge about how we function as human beings. When we approach solutions from the very foundational, useful knowledge of why the issues presented themselves in the first place, we are on the path to permanent change. Now, I know most people do not geek out on the deep neuroscience that I have chosen to learn and apply in creating my courses and my content and my keynote talks, but they’re part, they’re woven In to everything I share along the way.

As I help you embrace simple strategies to become decluttered, I’m quietly, subtly teaching you about you. When you learn kind of some basics of your brain, you’re not only learning skills that will help you overcome technology overwhelm, you’re learning skills that will help guide you in literally all areas of your life.

I feel that we human beings could really benefit from some quick start tips for the brain and nervous system. The brain is part of the nervous system—and we don’t get that anywhere, but you’ll get it from me.

So what I present is fundamentally relatively simple. Absolutely. You may have even heard some of the tips that I share. I contend I come to those tips from a very different angle than most people. But are you applying any of them consistently? Have you ever cleaned out an inbox, gotten to what some people call inbox zero and stayed there for any length of time?

I’m here to help you learn and make these strategies automatic, to be your habits — just your default, how you use all your digital, social, mobile devices and technology so that it lasts. So that once you’ve learned from me, you don’t need me again because you’re off and running, you’re developing modifications of what I’ve shared to work for you and how your life and business function. And because you’ve learned the neuroscience behind it, you are very well grounded to proceed successfully.

So yes, I’m all about simple, starting with the most simple solution, addressing things more deeply as needed. But I’m here to make sure you get some long-term success— immediate relief, long-term success is what it’s all about.

And once you’ve decluttered your digital life, I’m also here to help coach you in the next chapters. ‘Cause once that roadblock is gone and you have more time and mental energy, oh my, great things are coming for you! Brace yourself and get ready.

Thanks for being here, and I hope I have the chance to guide you to being decluttered and then going for what truly sparks you!

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