Is It an Intention or Just a Consideration?

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I share quite a bit about a concept I call IDEAS–and that’s an acronym.

The “I” stands for intention—setting a goal, creating a purpose that could be big or small. It could be a life goal, an intention for your entire existence. Or it could be an intention for the next hour. It could be an intention on how to spend your day. The next word in IDEAS is the “D” for direction setting—the direction that supports the intention. A part of setting direction is making decisions, decisions in advance whenever possible. Those could be broad decisions that help set the course through the direction that you’re going go to support the intention. But that “D” is very important.

The next— “E”— is emotion to support all that’s going to go into the direction, the decision to support the intention. We generate emotion—anticipation, excitement focus—whatever those emotions might be. We have the ability to generate emotions to support our intentions.

And then finally, all of that leads to very concerted, intentional (oh so meta!) action. The “A” of IDEAS is action. So we’re gonna set that goal, that purpose, that intention; point ourselves in the right direction, and then make supportive decisions to keep us pointed in the right direction, generate the emotion required to make all these things possible. And then we’re going to take action. The last letter in IDEAS is “S”—synchronization. So powerful because after we take the action, after we do all of this, we let it go. We are not tied to a specific outcome because we’re creating from that which we don’t even know. We don’t want to limit the possibilities. So we’re just going to hold it with an open palm—release and let synchronization happen as it’s intended. Let go and let God.

So, as we talk about intentions and creating IDEAS, that acronym I’ve just shared with you, I want to talk about… Are you really setting intentions or are you really setting considerations?

This came to mind as a revelation. I’ve known this intellectually, but not quite consciously, for most of my adult life: the difference between an intention that gets supported by all that I just described versus a consideration. Wouldn’t that be nice. If what I do in my everyday life that brought this to mind was if I have a task that I need to accomplish, or I desire to accomplish, it may not even be something that has to happen. It perhaps starts as a consideration. I should take this item of clothing to the charitable organization. I need it out of the closet. So I think about it. That’s a consideration. What takes it from consideration to intention?

Like I’m gonna make that happen. That item of clothing comes out of the closet. I sit it by the front door. It goes out with me the next time I leave the house. If I never even get it out of the closet and in close proximity to the door. So it will go where it needs to go. It’s just a consideration. So that’s a tiny example that I can give you that comes up a few times a year in my everyday life, but apply that to bigger things. Oh, I desire to increase my income. I, it would be really cool to create a new career path. I really wanna conquer that issue that keeps whole egging me all the time. Well, imagine that’s a consideration. If all you do is think about it, but you never put it into that formula of really making it an intention and then setting a course for yourself, setting that direction and supportive decisions.

And you never generate the emotion that accompanies the process. You’ll never take the action and you’ll never leave it open to the synchronization of what’s meant to be. It’s just a consideration. So think about this as you ponder those things that come to mind frequently. Again, it could be this small and simple tasks that would make your everyday life have more ease, or it could be larger pursuits that are festering in your mind, but you’re never taking it from a consideration. Wouldn’t that be helpful, good or nice to an intention in which, you know, you’re on a path to make it happen.

So—is it a consideration or is it an intention? There’s a big difference. And I hope you’ll go with on the journey to transform those considerations that keep coming into the intentions that you are gonna help make happen in your life.

Thanks for being here!

Irene invites you to determine the difference between intention and consideration

There's a big difference between an intention and a consideration. One moves you forward; the other might get you nowhere. TWEET THIS

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