How I Built Trust In Myself

I recently sold a stash of vintage clothes to a local retailer. I had so much fun meeting with her and showcasing each item as she considered what she wanted to buy.

One of the items I brought was my mom’s 1950-something blue sweater that I’d worn on several occasions. After I shared the story of the sweater, the retailer paused and looked me square in the eye: “Are you sure you want to part with this?”

“I’m sure,” I replied confidently. “I trust the Irene who made that decision.”

Yes, I trust me.

I’ve earned my own trust through heartaches, mistakes, struggles, and successes. It’s been a progression with a fair share of messing up and stepping up—but, ultimately, I know I’ve got me.

How I built trust with myself:
— I tell myself the truth, even when it’s ugly, vulnerable, and painful. Even when it’s exciting and so wonderful it’s a little scary.
— I take responsibility. Circumstances and other people: out of my control. My response, my actions: all me.
— I anticipate good things. I presume health and success.
— I’m a realist with faith.
— I take intelligent risks.
— I learn and apply lessons from both my mistakes and my successes.
— I acknowledge the quality of my life now is the result of my actions and decisions.
— I love myself.
— I don’t judge myself.
— I listen to myself—brain, body, gut, heart, mind—and respond in kind.
— I seek out excellent sources of help and support.
— I protect and respect myself. That means keeping boundaries. That means being true to all of the above. That means constantly recalibrating to connect with my core and maintain my structural integrity.

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