Honoring My Mother

On a recent Mother’s Day. I took the occasion to think about my mom who died over four years ago. But, really, it wasn’t much different than any other day, as I think of Mom (and Dad who died 22 years ago) frequently.

Mom imparted lots of applicable wisdom that has helped me navigate life. She prioritized our family and loved us first. As a fully dimensional human being, she had challenges and could be difficult, yet I always knew who she was in her deepest, truest core.

I think it’s a testament to how well I was raised that I am able to see, know, and be honest about who my mom was, keep it in perspective, and learn from it.

As an adult, I faced circumstances that evolved me so that I was able to have empathy for her when her rough edges were exposed. Having been through a divorce at an age when most of my peers were settling into married life, I was able to understand a little better how lonely Mom was after Dad died unexpectedly. She was widowed at a time when most happy couples plan their next chapters. I related to how unmoored she was and why her emotions spiked during that time.

In the last months of her life, we were granted extra time together, and we had some very special conversations that revealed her deepest, truest core. Those moments are great gifts that I cherish.

I honor my mother by applying the lessons I gained from her—the ones she intentionally shared and the ones that came from candidly observing her in all her dimensions.

I honor my mother by being wholly, completely, uniquely me.

Thanks, Mom!

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