Get Ready – Declutter Your Digital Life Is Coming!

Hey guys, I’ve created a thing. This thing is a course, an online course called “Declutter Your Digital Life”. I’ve created this course and have begun to bring it out into the world because, for me personally, when I created a system to declutter my digital life, that proved to be the one thing that has now changed and improved a thousand things in my life. And I knew that the value of what I inadvertently created could not be contained. I needed to share it. I want to live in a world where more of us live in a state of digital wellness and not in a state of digital and technological overwhelm.

This course covers everything from email clutter digital file clutter, excessive use of social media for personal use non-directed/not purposeful use of social media for business texting. It touches on chat, messaging apps. It touches on the use of your phone in relation to all these other tasks and functionalities that are covered in the course. I even added a module about Zoom because we all are suffering so much Zoom fatigue now that virtual meetings are more common.

So I had to really put myself out there. I’ve run a focus group for this. I’m starting to receive feedback, and I’m seeing some cool improvements and changes in those who have taken the course. And certainly I’m learning from those who have taken the course so that I can improve it and thicken it up and make it even more valuable as I bring it out into the world. And just wanted to mention it and tell you about it now, because I am polishing the content and we’ll start promoting your ability to sign up, pay for it and take it very soon.

And I can speak to you very clearly that, as a business owner–someone who works from a virtual office and has done so long before any kind of pandemic required that of many of us getting my digital life in order afforded me on average nearly three hours back in my work days. Not kidding. And I hope that you or your colleagues, frankly, even your kids need to learn this. I call this the essential soft skill that’s not mentioned very often to function in our modern world. We’ve got to know how to use our digital tools. There’s no way around it. And then it’s also a mental health issue because when we’re overwhelmed by technology and technology is so very prevalent in every aspect of our lives we are subject to a lot of mental aches and pains that can be avoided.

And without that mental burden and with more skill, you’re positioned for success. I encourage you to go over to my relatively new website, and go ahead and join my email list. If anyone will respect being allowed into your email inbox, it’s me the queen of digital decluttering. But you need to be on my email list in order to be apprised of when the course will become available for sign up and go live. Go ahead to follow me on social media. I have a Facebook page: Irene Williams, And I’m on Instagram as @irenewilliamsofficial and Twitter @irenewilliams. I’m everywhere. So find me, and let’s stay in touch. I would love to be here to help be your guide to the other side of digital freedom and digital wellness. So I hope to see you there. Thanks!

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