The training goes live on Monday, March 29th.
You’ll receive your login information via email on that date.

MARCH 29 – APRIL 26, 2021
You’ll be able to view on demand, at your own pace.
Must complete full course on or before 4/26

Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Central Time via Zoom
March 31st – April 7th – April 14th – April 21st
All sessions will be recorded.

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– video transcript –
This is a focus group. So along the way, I’m going to send you opportunities to share feedback, share breakthroughs and insights. I’m hosting this free version of my course so that I can understand where you’re at and how the content I’m providing is helping you along the way. And, hopefully, on the flip side of the completion of the course, you’ll have a strong testimonial that you’ll be willing to share that I can use in all my materials. So thank you in advance for your participation.

I wanted to assure you.
You have signed up for a course that indicates you are feeling some kind of digital fatigue, and I respect that you must be greatly burdened to even want to take this course. I acknowledge that it is very meta—very ironic—that we’re doing this course digitally. For some of you that may have been somewhat of a speed bump before you signed up. I am keeping each module of the course to around 20 minutes in length. I wanted you to know that so that you understand, you’re never going to be asked to spend too much time looking at the computer to learn.

I also want to warn you.
This is a course in which, to be truly success successful, you will have to do some heavy lifting. I don’t have a magic pill. I don’t have quick hacks and tips. I have a lot of amazingly useful tactics and strategies for long-term success, but there are tasks that you’re going to need to accomplish. I will provide very useful guides so that you can conquer those tasks effectively and in the process be acquiring skills that you will then apply forever going forward.

The content goes live on March 29th. You will have about a month to consume that content at your own pace. Weekly throughout that month, I will be hosting live Q and A’s for which I will ask that you, in advance, provide me the questions that you have.

Thank you. I am truly so grateful for your time and your interest, but most importantly, I’m excited to help you. I’m on the other side of this and my life is better, truly in a quite dramatic and notable way. So I look forward for that being the case for you as well.

Thank you, thank you—see you soon!


Social Media Use
Stop the habitual, addictive scrolling, and use it only on your terms!

Email Management
Clean out the inboxes forever and never be burdened again.

Digital File & Photo Organization
Create a manageable system and always find what you need.

Smartphone Use
Nix obsessive use and turn your devices into amazing tools.

Virtual Meeting Participation
Connect online without overwhelm and manage effective meetings.

All backed by foundational learning and supported
with live Q&A sessions for course participants

Learn at Your Own Pace – Exclusive Q&A Sessions
Practical Know-How for Personal & Professional Life