Feeling Off? Become Aware of What’s Holding You Back

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Are you feeling a little tired, maybe a little bit lackluster in your life, but you’re not sure what in the world the deal is? You know it’s more than needing some vacation time or just getting out of a rut. There’s something going on and you just can’t quite pin it down in order to make a positive change.

I have created the content that I’m bringing to you with the goal of helping you identify what that thing is that might be holding you back.

A lot of the personal development and professional development content that you find out in the world starts at a point where you have your big goal, you have identified your passion and purpose and you are ready, set to move forward. The reality is a lot of us can’t figure that wonderful stuff out because we’re stuck in some kind of loop down here that is preventing us from having the energy and the mental capacity to think bigger and better for ourselves.

I want to meet you here and clear that clutter from your life so that you can awaken and identify those things that are most meaningful, that you want to pursue.

This level can be very elusive. And I’ll give you an example for me, I’ve shared this many times. Digital clutter was bringing me down, but for years I didn’t realize it because that happened gradually over time. I’m an independent business owner and I live in the modern world. I run a digital marketing PR and social media management firm. So not surprisingly, my email inboxes were thick with messages. I was often overwhelmed with all the social media use that I did for clients and myself, file organization was completely out of hand. And I didn’t realize it until a certain moment in time that this was greatly affecting me again.

It happened slowly over time. It seems natural. It seems like just par for the course, living in this modern world. So I didn’t even know to question it. Once it hit me—a true moment in time where I realized I’ve got to do something about this—and I did. I alleviated that clutter from my life. It shockingly freed me up to start learning, doing, pursuing other things.

It was one thing that changed a thousand things for me. 

A year after that, I use the same mental principles and applied that to the weight that I had danced with my whole life, the ups and downs of that, frankly, that was so normal at the time that I didn’t always, I was frustrated by it, but I didn’t really question it as a thing in my life. I kind of thought that was what I would deal with forever in all ways. But I alleviated that. And once again, for heat up, no layer on top of me to stop me from thinking about things that were so much more meaning.

Frankly I’ve always been pretty good for a lot of years of my life. It’s learned behavior for keeping my physical space in good order. I wasn’t always that person. I was kind of a “stack it here, throw it there” kind of kid, but in my grownup life, I got the reins on that pretty well. So I had already learned even before my digital decluttering, that keeping my physical space in order was a wonderful thing to make my life more efficient in not burden myself with unnecessary worries and problems. I always knew where my stuff was. It came out, it went back in the same spot, that kind of thing.

So I don’t know what this layer is for you, but I do now, then I have practical tactical across the board solutions that can help you conquer this.

I am creating courses,: digital decluttering, weight loss, business mindset. All of these are forth coming that I’m excited to bring to you. So you can be topically specific in removing this layer that’s preventing you from progressing. But in the meantime, I invite you to become aware about the things, the patterns that are so common every day in your world, that you may not even realize it’s the issue that you need to address. Just like me and my digital decluttering. When I finally had that awakened moment and took care of that, I didn’t even realize I was like a bird leased from a cage ready to fly.

If you’re considering this and you want to talk it through, please, I invite you to reach out to me. I would be so honored to know what you’re dealing with, maybe what you’re pondering and considering, and then I can create content to help you specifically with whatever that is. That would be such an incredible honor for me to do for you. So don’t hesitate, let’s connect. But yeah, I want to clear this space because the step above it is kind of amazing. And I want to live in a world where we don’t spin on repeat loop with this stuff. I want us to get rid of that and get moving on up.

Hope that makes some sense to you, but I want you to understand the benefit of what I’m hoping to share and enlighten you with here on my website and on my social media platforms. It was a game changer and a life changer for me. And I truly feel it is my purpose is to now bring it to you.

Thanks for being here, guys.


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