digital organization & use of technology are essential soft skills everyone must have.


Digital wellness is A mental health issue affecting our times.

Bring your organization into the future with relevant, practical training in digital organization and wellness for team members.

The ability to manage email, digital files, and technology tools with ease and efficiency is the ultimate soft skill for the modern workplace. A healthy relationship with technology is foundational to overall mental health in our digital-social-mobile world.
This training is what your team members need to succeed.



“…I expected something totally different.  What I expected was to get some tips and tricks on how to organize your emails. What I got was much more than that. I think overall the training helped me to plan in advance to keep from being overwhelmed later.”

“I took the class and it was super helpful. I am pretty good keeping my email organized but she definitely gave us some good tips and was very knowledgeable about it! I think this class was very beneficial for everyone!”

“This course helped me organize my email inboxes in a much more useful way and provided me with some powerful and effective tips for reducing…emails… I now feel much less overwhelmed and more in control of this previously cluttered and disorganized part of my life.”

“The training was good … very thorough. I have been doing decluttering and setting rules for my emails. I felt the training was very informational.”

“After completing the modules of this course I feel confident and less overwhelmed about staying organized. I enjoyed learning the strategies to declutter my digital life.”

Yes, this training will help your team become more productive and save valuable time. That’s amazing ROI, but it doesn’t stop there!

The teachings and strategies are grounded in neuroscience to help people make lasting improvements that transcend into other areas of life.

More efficient, healthier team members will help your business thrive!

Cherry-pick the sessions or book the full program.

Email Management
Clean out the inboxes forever and never be burdened again.

Social Media Use
Stop the habitual, addictive scrolling, and use it only on your terms!

Digital File & Photo Organization
Create a manageable system and always find what you need.

Smartphone Use
Nix obsessive use and turn your devices into amazing tools.

Virtual Meeting Participation
Connect online without overwhelm and manage effective meetings.

All modules backed by foundational learning and supported
with opportunities for Q&A and coaching

Choose Live Sessions or On-Demand Training.
Request Customized Training for Your Business and Team.


Their brains are FULL.
Our brilliant brains can only manage 3 or 4 things at a time. When people don’t manage their digital lives, their mental processes are taxed and daily functioning becomes overwhelmed. Over time, the sustained mental stress is detrimental.

They’re wasting hours each week.
Business people lose hours each week searching (and often not finding) messages and digital files needed to get basic work done. Collectively across your organization, your team’s wasted hours hurt productivity, customer service and revenue potential.

They don’t have time for creativity and free-form thinking.
Your organization depends on team members’ creativity and innovation. When everyone is burdened by overflowing inboxes and digital disorganization, they’re stuck in low-results activities with no time for deep work or innovative thinking.

They must have digital skills to thrive in today’s world.
Business people who don’t know how to effectively use technology are like cars without steering wheels; they won’t go far! A victim mentality toward digital-social-mobile tools immobilizes people from advancing professionally and personally.