Choose Who You Want to Be

You are not your Enneagram number or Myers Briggs letters. You are not a set-in-stone collection of personality traits or past experiences. You are not a college degree, job title, or socio-economic status or (fill in blank). You’re not even “just like your mom.” You’re an amazing, unique, and fully dimensional human being with capacity to grow and evolve.

Ditch the allegiance to numbers, letters, labels, and traits, and clear the way to become someone new!

How do you do that?
– Decide who you want to be and how to show up in the world. Seriously! It’s up to you; there’s no script to live by or obligation to stay where you started. Take time to make your choices, or…heck…decide immediately and go forth now (‘cause it’s been rattling in your mind and heart for so long anyway, you just need to admit it).

– Update your dialogue, inside and out. Cease and desist in speaking to the identity you’ve held for so long. Stop saying and thinking stuff like “I’m such a 4” or “I got that from my dad” or “I’m too introverted” or “I’m not good at that.” Replace all that with words and thoughts naturally spoken by who you want to be. Even if it feels less than genuine at first, your practice of this will uplevel your life exponentially!

– Take action regularly in keeping with who you want to be. You become in the action, not the intention. Tackle the activities of each day as the ‘you’ you are becoming. That’ll likely involve saying no to lots of stuff, connecting with new people, learning new things, planning, and going for more challenging commitments.

– Carry those pure parts of you—the parts that sparkled before the world got to you—along for the journey…if you’d like. You can keep certain things if they’re core or supportive of who you’re becoming. Don’t hand over the reins; you’re always in the lead, even if you borrow some childlike sparkle now and again.

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