Bright IDEAS – A Framework for Maximizing Our Days

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I’m fleshing out a framework about how to make the most of our days taking a lot of bits and pieces, principles, truths, approach, and I’m putting it in what I hope is a very simple to digest, easy-to-apply framework for me and hopefully for you, too. So I’m gonna talk it through here. Ideas. It’s an acronym and the words represented in ideas are intention, direction, emotion, action, synchronization. I’m big on consistency. So I love the “tion” at the end of each of those words, but I have not forced them to work in this acronym and this concept; they actually fit really beautifully. I’m getting a little buzz that this is a cool thing that I hope we can all use.

So–We start our day or our endeavors with intention. What is intention? Let’s read the definition of intention, a thing intended in aim or a plan, the action or fact of intending a person’s designs in the dictionary version, it says for a person’s designs, especially a man’s in respect to marriage and aim or a plan. We can be full of good intentions; intentions without anything to support them are essentially inertia. We’re not moving forward. So there needs to be more to the story, but starting with an intention is so incredibly helpful.

How can we create an intention for our aims, our plans, our personal designs? To me, intention can be created, it can be formed, through so many inputs, information, indications happening around us, imagination–one of my favorites creating from the unknown, intelligence, interest, invention–ah, the creativity, investigation, intuition. All of these things can pour into us, into our designs to create an intention from there.

How do we get this going? How do we start to make this intention come to life? Next in our acronym IDEAS is direction. We have to point the ship in a direction. There’s the beautiful quote. Not gonna recall the original purveyor of said quote, but basically…I think it’s from Stoic–a Greek philosopher said if you know not which direction you’re heading, any point at which you sail is not going to be correct. You have to at least point the ship somewhere and start moving.

So what goes into setting our direction after we’ve set our intention? I believe it starts with decisions. I am completely motivated in my life to make decisions in advance whenever possible, so that when we face challenges or we’re starting a new intention we know where we stand on things. We can’t predict everything in life, but we can set standards and then make decisions to support standards. Like I will not be in relationships that do not support me and in which I am treated poorly; I’m not staying in relationships like that. So I’ve made a decision in advance. If I find myself in any interaction that is not healthy for me, I’m not staying. That is a decision I’ve made in advance. Another decision I’ve made in advance is to not limit myself, my intention is to live into my full potential. So my decision is to not stay in confining situations that don’t bring fresh, new opportunity and that don’t challenge me. I’m deciding that in advance. So my direction is guided by my decisions that I’ve already made.

It’s also guided by my dedication. I am very dedicated to staying with what my intention is. And there’s a determination that comes with that, a resolve. So decision, dedication, determination helps me set my direction and that direction is pointing where I’ve created my intention.

Then we go to E, which is emotion. We humans, and through evolution and through our evolutionary psychology, we have emotions for a reason; emotions serve a purpose for us. So if we are striving, we have our personal design, our intention for our lives, the emotions we have and that we generate intentionally help to serve, to propel us forward. So we need the right emotions. We need to conjure that wonderfully supportive emotion to help move us forward.

What goes into creating an emotion? It’s embodiment; with that intention, you’ve set yourself into it embody it. Put effort toward it, see it as empowerment. See it as expansion and direct your energy into that and create from there–the emotion you need to support your intention and to serve as the motor to keep pushing you in the direction that you have set for yourself.

From there as you’re motoring, what are you doing? Taking action. How do we direct our actions? How do we determine what our actions are? We work from a place of raised awareness awareness. There’s science behind this… I am a big believer in creating awareness and then letting your attention wake up to the awareness that you’ve created in your life. So if we’re operating from a place of awareness, we are very in tune with the fact that there will be challenges or based on perhaps personal history, which doesn’t have to define you, but know thyself. So I know it’s hard for me to wake up early and to move in the direction of my intention. I need to add a few minutes to my working hours of the day. So I do. I’m aware of that. So now my attention goes to the details that I can put in place to not prevent myself from progressing. And that means that I need to take action.. It’s putting things in application; you’ve learned so much, you already know all you need to know. You have all the inspiration and imagination and invention within you. So you need to just put it into application. And then action is very much propelled when we’re in a place of appreciation of gratitude, expressing gratitude regular regularly, and then appreciation–that same word also means understanding–growing in understanding. When you grow in understanding and you have so much ever increasing wisdom and knowledge—kind of where faith and spirit collide with the reality of circumstances and situations you can take action.

And the S in the word of ideas… This is the word that just came to me this morning: synchronization.
So we have intention, direction, emotion, action, synchronization.

What does synchronization mean? A dictionary version: the operation or activity of two or more things at the same time or rate. I love this idea of the synchronization being the operation or activity of two or more things at the same rate, because we are vibration. We are energy. I’ve used that word earlier. And what are we synchronizing with? With God, with the universe ,with what’s meant to be that’s bigger than us. When we set our intention and we set our direction to support the intention, and we generate the emotion and take the action–when that’s all working together, there’s just beautiful synchronization. And that “S:… What goes into synchronization? You will experience success, whatever your definition of success is. You’ll find significance, even in what some might perceive as small things, you will understand the value; you will understand there’s actually no scale of miracles. What the world perceives as small or inconsequential, you will know as part of the synchronization. And there will be serenity there, not a complacent comfort zone but just a peacefulness, a serenity that you carry with you, even when you’re taking action and in a very energetic emotion to propel you toward whatever your intention is.

As I’m pondering this and how I’m going to apply it to my day-to-day life, I think I will have daily interpretations of this based on my intention for what needs to happen in the 24 hours of any given day. And then I think I’m going to create overriding kind of life-guiding intentions and the IDEAS that will apply to my bigger calling ,my bigger purpose. But those have to come into play in the practicality of everyday life.
I am, by nature, a realist. And even as I speak with this surge of excitement in presenting this and knowing that there are bigger, lofty things, I also stay aware that I live in the reality of day-to-day, and I’m a physical being on a physical planet, I’m a spirit and a soul contained in this body, in this reality. So what can I do to circumvent things that could prevent me from going forward?

Our brains evolved to operate on a motivational triad: avoid pain, seek pleasure, and be efficient. In knowing that and applying the ideas to my everyday and to my life, I can intelligently work around the limitations of my physical brain and activate solutions to get around that. I also know my feel physical body may get tired; I need to fuel it properly.

So there’s a lot of action that I can take in context to support all of this. It’s practical, it’s realistic, and yet it’s very imaginative and lofty and beautiful to attain that synchronization.

Thanks for hearing me out. As I flesh out this idea of IDEAS, again, let me review.

Intention, intention. We pour into creating our intention from information indications, inspiration, imagination, intelligence, interest inputs, invention investigation, and our intuition that should come from a very honest place. It should come from your intuition. Even though we are a product of our inputs as a member of families and societies and cultures, the more we can quiet all of that and assess it for ourselves based on where we are at and what’s important to us, that intention will have such greater impact.

Then we set a direction and how do we do that? We make decisions, decisions in advance whenever possible. We set our dedication. There’s freedom in boundary lines. You guys we talk about abundance and lack of limitation. And so please note that when I talk about boundary lines in dedication I am not at all talking something in which we limit ourselves. But it helps us to focus. It helps us to make those decisions when we’re truly dedicated to something. And we have set our standards, the decisions almost make themselves. Then determination. Nothing’s gonna move me from this course. I have determined that I’m determined.

From there, we generate the emotion we need to as emotional, physical beings to propel us forward. How do we generate emotion based on our intention? We’ve got to create energy. There needs to be energy and effort behind the creation of the emotion. We need to embody it. We need to live as the person who is going to achieve that personal design, that intention, that we’ve created. We need empowerment. We need to know everything is conspiring in our favor to make this happen. We need expansion. We need to grow beyond what we even understand of ourselves to gain that emotion and keep going.

And from the “keep going” is that we’re taking action. Action is beautifully manifested through awareness, application of knowledge and wisdom, appreciation meaning gratitude, and appreciation, meaning ever increasing understanding.

From there we achieve synchronization: us with our goals, us with God. In this beautiful dance of life, there’s synchronicity.

So–IDEAS. Let’s go for it, you guys!

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