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If you’d told me several years ago that I would one day have a website guiding people on how to digitally declutter their lives, never worry about body image again, and overcome the business and life issues that hold them back, I’d have laughed and laughed.

Back then, I was on autopilot. I always felt overwhelmed as an independent business owner. I constantly wasted time digging through emails and searching thousands of phone photos to find what I needed. I was stuck in a nearly life-long battle with the same 15 pounds, yo-yoing between confidence in “my cute clothes” and self-loathing in stretch pants. As penance for incomplete projects, I denied myself time off. No vacations, not even allowance for daily neighborhood walks—I tethered myself to the computer keyboard to work-work-work.

I was the meanest boss I’d ever had. Come to think of it, I was a pretty awful friend to myself, too.

The awakening that brought me beyond all that happened about six months after my mom died and a year and a half after I’d taken over as caregiver when she became ill. Amidst the logistical and emotional challenges of caring for my dying mother, I gained and lost twenty pounds, buffered my sadness with too much time on social media, and amassed thousands of digital files in the form of phone photos, emails, and work documents—most of which needed but didn’t receive my full attention, let alone any organization. One afternoon at that six-month mark, staring at my oppressively full email inbox, I decided to make a change.

I successfully conquered my digital clutter and experienced immediate relief and increased productivity. To my own amazement, the system I established proved to be simple and manageable for long-term. It wasn’t a stop-gap. It wasn’t a fluke.


I made a permanent change that literally improved my everyday life.

It’s incredible what can happen when you eliminate just one persistent issue from your daily existence. More peace. More productivity. More time to rest, play, connect, and create. More room to make other improvements. More opportunity to get reacquainted with (or, maybe, meet for the first time) your best self.

Ultimately, I reverse-engineered my digital decluttering system to determine how and why it works so well and applied the same strategies to weight loss. Once again, it worked—immediately and, then, permanently. And again, I was liberated from a stagnating problem and able to move forward to bigger, better things (namely, all that I’m creating and sharing with you here on this website).

If I’d had these systems in place before I started my business and before my mom’s decline, I could’ve faced those challenges with less complication and more strength. Heck, I could’ve spent my teen years and adulthood more confident, without the shame of up-and-down weight. Nonetheless, I know it all happened at just the right time, just as it was meant to be. It took those challenges for me to awaken to these strategies that I can now bring to you.

I can’t wait to teach you why and how my strategies work. Whether you need to digitally declutter, finally conquer those weight issues, or forever nix other tendencies that are holding you back personally or professionally, I have real-life, apply-now solutions that will empower you to uplevel your life.

All these years later, I’m still a satisfied customer of my own systems.
I know you will be, too.



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