One of the Most Vital Soft Skills for the Future

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Where are my business people? I’m talking entrepreneurs, freelancers, owners of small or medium sized businesses, even departmental leaders within larger companies, those of you creating your own personal brands. I need your attention. I have what might seem like surprising news for you in our modern marketplace.

I contend that one of the most important, essential soft skills is the ability to consistently manage our digital social mobile lives. That means we need to be able to go to our inboxes and not be overwhelmed. We need to be able to use social media as a tool for personal and business use. We should never be overwhelmed by our smartphones and use them obsessively, but instead use them as something that really enhances our day-to-day lives. We should be able to text and message through apps and social platforms effectively and track those messages so that we can take action accordingly. We need to be able to use virtual meetings without overwhelm on a consistent basis.

Digital social mobile tools are fundamental to how we get business done, how we communicate, and how we connect professionally and personally.

I have a course that’s focused on digital decluttering and getting you to the place where your digital, social, mobile tools are truly enhancements for your day-to-day life–not overwhelming to you. If you do not conquer these tools, I am here to tell you as someone who runs a digital marketing PR and social media management firm for clients, that you will get stuck in a loop of lost time, missed productivity, and complete overwhelm and inefficiency. I was there and I conquered it. And I created a system that literally changed and improved my day-to-day life like you would not believe, frankly.

Because I got my digital social mobile life in order, I gained nearly three hours back to my work days consistently. I’m not kidding, you guys. I would get my work done so early that sometimes I would just allowed myself to sit and relax or sometimes go on a long two hour walk in the middle of the afternoon to just think and plan for my next opportunities. I finally had time to do that because I was so efficient and effective in my day-to-day thanks to getting all my digital, social, mobile tools in order and in check and organized.

I want to help you do that. And if you have teams, employees who look to you for leadership, I want you to gain the tools that you can then share with them as well, or bring them along for the ride on this course.

Again, this is an essential soft skill that will keep your sanity now and help you be successful in the future. I hope to see you in my course. It’s extremely important, truly, for where we’re all headed, where we’re at now, and where we’re headed in business.

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