Hi! I'm Irene.

I'm a life coach for executive and entrepreneurial women. I also offer business consulting, and, at the core of all I do, I'm a writer.
You may know me from my Digital Decluttering
and Digital Wellness programs.

My mission is to empower you to stop struggling with repeat issues and nurture self-leadership skills to reach your fullest potential. I do this by offering content, courses, coaching, and consulting.

Everything I create and share is backed by years of practical experience and science-based research. It also acknowledges the role of spirit and intention in generating lasting success. You can trust the deep study, intelligence, and open-mindedness at the core of my simple-yet-powerful teaching and strategies.

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Leave Money On the Table

Leave Money On the Table

Sometimes trying to get or keep all the money costs too much of your time or core values. When is it best to leave money on the table?

Let Core Values Be Your Compass

Let Core Values Be Your Compass

Need to make decisions or overcome anxiety and reactionary emotions? Let’s talk about how your core values can be the best compass to keep you on track.


Floundering about your next business move? Always battling the same 15 pounds? Drowning in emails and wasting time on social media? Online shopping instead of going for that new goal?

Yeah, I don’t do that anymore.

And if I can get past all that, you absolutely can, too. Let me show you how to ditch the clutter, stop the shame, and make room for what really matters in business and life.

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